‘Mechsealsonline’ was conceived after the need for supply and demand in the pump industry grew to an exponential level.

‘Mechsealsonline’ is a leader in providing quality products at a convenient price. After some 25 years in the pump and mechanical seal industry, serving both the domestic and industrial sides we noticed a large gap in the market place that nobody seemed to fill.

Nowhere online could you go and use a search engine to find the seal you required, without having to ring and talk with some, and without having to try to explain what you needed. So after many years of compiling data we came up with what we believe is the solution, ‘Mechsealsonline’ a web site that lets your search by

OEM part numbers. Pump Brands. Pump size and Pump model.

The professionally designed website displays all relevant information regarding the seal, the price, the materials of construction and an image to give a broad range of information for all stock.

The comprehensive online store allows you to make purchases without stressful telephone calls and guesswork.